Iaboni Priftaj Design Associates studio advances human experience through design.

We act as a link between clients and their vision of quality in design projects, maintaining a constant interaction between form, style, function, usability and communication. IPDAA is a multidisciplinary global design studio that adapts to every scale and entity of project, from architecture to industrial design, going through product, image, user experience and communication.

Thanks to founders’ international experience, IPDAA’s projects speak a globalized language that constantly adapts to various marketplaces, driven by the modern “no-boundaries” economy.
Despite its International attitude, IPDAA faithfully runs every project following the founders’ Italian “school of thought“, expertise and technical knowledge acquired through the years. Starting from 2007, IPDAA went from providing design consultancy for private clients and local Italian companies, to manage one of a kind projects for international brands and well known customers. IPDAA evolved during the years, becoming an appreciated and respected design agency, providing consultancy and services worldwide, involving several disciplines, marketplaces, companies and growing challenges.

Our main duty is to help those clients looking for professionals able to take care of the entire design process, predicting problems, avoiding them and finding the best solutions.

Areas of Expertise & Services

Management of the overall process of creation and improvement of industrial products and their relation with final users. R&D, concept, prototyping, engineering, contracting, manufacturing.

Services concerning architectural design, interior design and decoration; retail and custom market related consultancies.
We also provide real estate staging services involving a wide network of collaborators, strictly using high end Italian and European furniture and accessories.

Disciplines and tools aiming to improve the understanding and life cycle management of a product/project. Creative direction, art direction, feasibility, user experience, ergonomic studies, sustainability studies and design strategy.

Communication through images: photography, video, augmented reality, 3D simulations, renderings, technical drawings for engineering and patent registration, illustrations, app development, web related products.



Iperquadro is our design brand founded to further provide a quality service to our customers and to those who chase an improved design experience. Through iperquadro we produce our own design pieces and also sponsor some other great designers and artists that share with us a philosophy of quality and style. Iperquadro aims to bring on the market only the best products, created and selected respecting our serious approach to clients’ desires.

Coming soon!