BimBamBum kindergarten

The kindergarten is situated in the Kodra e Diellit (in English: Sun Hill) neighborhood of Tirana, nestled on top of the South Hills beyond “Botanic Garden” and minutes away from the city's lake, overlooking the capital. Planned for a capacity of 120 children between 0 and 6 years old, BimBamBum covers 600 sqm of internal surface and 300 sqm of outdoor playing area. The space is divided into five rooms, each designed for a special age group, in which furniture, toys and didactic shelves, including small houses with a roof (image of early Albanian architecture), is adapted to the age of the children. Five eco-friendly colors help distinguish the classes. Kids sized toilet are present in each room. All environments have different colors that differ and combine, creating a kaleidoscope effect-especially in a striped and hollow wall that reminds the Swiss chewed cheese with side windows. In the shared room, which has a double height, is included a "house in the tree" very fond of the children. In between the Pedrali tables and chairs you will find Puppy & Pingy animal models from the Magis Me Too company.The project received estimation and exposure being published on national and international magazines and websites.


Project:       Design, Project Management, Contracting, Adv
City:            Tirana, Albania
Ph. credits: IPDAA

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